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Video Description: We often talk about sex in such polarised forms, whether it is family planning or porn, but we frequently miss out the discussion of the most crucial aspect of sex. That sex is about pleasure! And to understand pleasure, we have to learn to experience that pleasure ourselves. Here a sensual girl fingers herself in this beautiful female self-sex video, with no shame in enjoying some solo love.
Exploring and arousing one’s own body is an essential part of our sexual understanding, so we know what we want when engaging in partnered sex. Simply said, we need to know how to arouse, stimulate and enjoy some sexy self-pleasure.
By discovering our own arousal and ways to pleasure ourselves, we can only enhance our partnered play, to educate and stimulate making the most of our intimate time with ourself or others.
It is important to see examples of people indulging in the joyful pleasurable side of sex, particularly masturbation which is still very much taboo in the context of female desire and pleasure. We aren’t often educated in the art of sexual pleasure so to see a woman so unashamedly exploring and enjoying her body is refreshing indeed. It is why this self masturbating video, where we watch as a sensual girl fingers herself, and other female masturbation films, are so important in not only elevating this solo joy beyond guilt and fear, but embracing it as our human right.
We as humans are equipped to indulge and explore our bodies in every which way we can, orgasms even tipping us over into the spiritual at times, or pulling us deep into earthy indulgences. It is beautiful and wonderful and part of life’s rich tapestry. We at FrolicMe wholeheartedly support this glorious freedom and we celebrate this by watching as this sensual girl fingers herself and allows us the privilege to witness every touch and climax.
Free your mind, free your body, free your orgasms!
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